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Original Ancestors, Inc. has traveled extensively throughout  the United States reviewing and selecting authentic historical artifacts.
Enslaved Africans were brutalize, tortured, raped and murdered yet they still found the God given strength to struggle and help shape their own destiny. This God given strength has made African people in America what they are today.
The private collection of Original Ancestors provides a glimpse of what our ancestors had to endure.  On display are Middle Passage Shackles, American Slave Shackles, Branding Slave Irons, British Slave Shackles, Runaway Slave Ankle Shackles (crab shaped), Slave Currency, Ku Klux Klan robes, Quilts related to the Underground Railroad, Civil War muster roll belonging to colored troops, Revolutionary War documents, Slave documents, books and pamphlets (pro and con slavery), abolition newspaper and other notable items of interest.

Original Ancestors, Inc. is available to collaborate with other institutions, universities and foundations that promote the legacy  and understanding of the African Holocaust also known as MAAFA (Swahili word that means the great disaster, the word is used to memorialize and pay homage and respect to the more than sixty million enslaved African slave trade).

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